Specific Narrative Kinks: Being ‘of’ someone

What do I mean by this:

So this, for once, is a positive dynamic kink, and what it refers to is a positive power dynamic as it gets related to people outside of it. ‘Of’ here shares some meaning with (and comes from) the ‘of’ in things like ‘Robin of Locksley’ – ‘X of Y’ means ‘X is being thought of in relation to Y’. There’s a non-symmterical line running between two points, and this line is being acknowledged.

What hits this kink for me:

Introductions – “Hi, I’m X, this is my Master.” Referencing someone – “oh, I see my slave over there by the table”. Multiple lieges having a conversation about their respective authorities. References to the authority/responsibility dynamic part of a power dynamic – “I can’t do that, it’s against the rules my Captain has for me”. “That’s my liege lord over there, take it up with them if you have a problem”. “I’m going to call your owner and report your behavior” (or this actually happening). The other side of this – “I’m here for my servant”, “I’ll deal with this, it’s mine”. The protection aspect of a power dynamic – “go away, my Lady wouldn’t like you doing this”, “Why have you been bothering my property?”.


Just using an honorific in any context but addressing the person whose honorific it is has aspects of this, which I think is one of the reasons I like honorifics a lot.

Actionable counterpart:

I had a rather bad experience the one time I tried to roleplay a positive power dynamic. This was entirely my fault for not thinking some things through properly, but now I have this negative association.

However, the thing with this particular kink is that it doesn’t work one-on-one – there have to be other people around. And, if I think about it in that specific context, then I can kind of sneak around the negative association, and there definitely is a lot of appeal.

I’m not sure how much of a chance there is of it happening – I don’t think many people do roleplays like this, so the group aspect, which is the central part of this kink, is also the main barrier. In particular there’s an issue where people who actually have power dynamics have positive power dynamics, but interacting with these people while I’m roleplaying would be, to me, incredibly disrespectful. My best bet would probably be a situation where a roleplay is more generally acknowledged (in fact, come to think of it, I think this is a big part of how ageplay works for me). But anyway, the desire is definitely there. (and, somewhat on a different level, I also think this is one of the big things contributing to my fantasy of going to a high protocol event).

It also seems to have an interesting distinction of being something I want to do as a bottom, but in some cases without anyone being my top.

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