Specific Narrative Kinks: The constrict looking down

What do I mean by this:

This is one of the self-explanatory ones, I think. For me, it includes both the action of looking down – when someone wasn’t before, and then does it – and the state of looking down, when they remain that way over a length of time.

More about this:

Measuring by the ratio of how ‘large’ something is and how much it does for me, this basically comes out as one of the strongest kinks I have – unlike many of my other important ones, it is very simple, but it’s a feelings-surge-upon-seeing-it kink for me.

In writing, I use it all the time. I have a series of stories where I strongly suspect that variations of ‘he looked down/at the ground/at the floor’ etc. are literally the most common common phrase. In general, it greatly amplifies many of my other kinks, especially aesthetic ones, and is basically a prerequisite for others – as I’ve said before, for instance, anytime I have someone kneeling, they are looking down while doing so.

Visually, it’s really strong for me. This is where I get the feelings-surge. I can get frustrated with kneeling pictures because they don’t have this and I need it. I reblogged this gif set because of the picture on the lower left, even though it’s not even a very good example, facial expression-wise. I have seriously considered buying a TV show episode that is otherwise completely horrible in terms of being utterly clueless as to what BDSM is or how it works and perpetuating basically every stereotype out there because it was the first and thus far the only thing I’ve ever seen to give focus to a moment like this. (Incidentally, that is how I figured out my kink for this).

Actionable counterpart:

Yes, and in fact multiple yeses. Looking down to me is basically the simplest and most powerful way to evoke power dynamic feelings. As such, it’s something I do a lot when I’m in roleplay – taking a looking-down position is how I begin most roleplay scenes, marking that particular boundary and the dropping into/bringing up of my headspace. I always do it when I kneel. It feels somewhat different to me when it’s me and in scene vs. a constrict in a narrative power dynamic, but its power and significance remains.

For the second yes, it actually also shows up on the other side of things for me. If I have flash submission fantasies (which here means, involving someone else’s submission) this is the likeliest thing for the flash to be, and again, it’s rather feelings-strong for me.

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