As noted in the tagline, I’m a kinky asexual with a fondness for words. To take apart this stated identity a bit, asexual-wise, I don’t feel sexual attraction, I find sexuality one of the most fascinating topics in the world, I’m not at all repulsed and in fact am quite the opposite, but I seem to lack the kind of desire for sex most non-asexuals seem to have.

Kinky-wise, I’m a narrative voyeur (in other words, my main interest is stories, and I don’t tend to imagine myself as any of the characters in them) and somewhat of a masochist. I’ve been making up stories involving torture, power dynamics, etc, since I was four, and enjoying them when I ran into them in sources I consumed since not too long after that. I’ve been examining this part of my life since I was about thirteen. I was directed to FetLife in fall of 2010, started attending events in my local community in spring of 2011, and scened for the first time in February of 2012. I’ve done full roleplay scening with Spiral, semi-roleplay scening with Raven, and masochistic-impact-play-only scening with both of them as well as Keter and once some people at a play party. A good summary of my tastes in kink is that I am more likely to find my kinks on TV Tropes than anywhere fetitshy.

Here, I hope to write thoughts, ideas, and analysis on various aspects of BDSM, and also about myself, whether that be things I’ve been thinking about, responses to prompts I find, or something else.

And there we are.


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