Creative Counting

For me, counting (while being hit with something, that is) is one of the kinks that is both an actionable kink, and a narrative kink for a somewhat more limited set of dynamics. Narratively, I like it both when the principal is counting and when the constrict is, actionably I’ve only tried the latter but suspect I would like the former too.

Basic counting is very straightforward – 1, 2, 3, etc – and is definitely something I enjoy. However, sometimes variations are fun and/or interesting too. So, here are a few that I’ve encountered:

  • Counting with an honorific. “One, ma’am, two, ma’am”, etc.
  • Saying thank you after each number.
  • Asking for the next one.
  • Counting in another language. For instance, in a story I read, someone in trouble in a Latin class had to count in Latin. Alternating languages would make for an interesting exercise in focus, also.
  • Repeating a phrase, either instead of the number, or together with it. Phrases about the punishment (“I must strive to be more respectful”), about the principal (“The Commander is always right”), and about the constrict (“I am a worthless fool”) are common. This can also be paired with an honorific.
  • Reciting people. In one story I read, the constrict had to name someone they’d hurt with their actions with every strike, making this an emotional exercise as well. In another story, the principal had a list of names, and read one before each strike.
  • Reciting poetry or something similar. This could either have to do with the punishment, the dynamic, etc, in which case it can serve a similar purpose as repeating a phrase while also requiting more focus, or not, in which case it is just a focus exercise.

Anyone know any other interesting ones?

Specific Narrative Kinks: Dozens

What do I mean by this:

I like unpleasant things being counted in dozens. Not when they’re going on (so not like 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,¬†1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12) but when they’re being talked about. ‘A few dozen times’, ‘a couple dozen lashes’, that kind of thing.

Why do I like it:

The first time I saw this used in a story, I noticed myself really liking it, and thought a bit about why. I recently saw it in another story, remembered its appeal, and thought about this again.

I think it’s because saying ‘a few dozen’ is the perfect middle ground between the impact of something being very bad, and the impact of an amount.

Something being very bad appeals to me. The constrict being hit with something (whether this be a whip or an agony beam) and the description of the agony or other horribleness of this, etc.

Amount also appeals to me – the constrict having to endure something as it just keeps going.

Low numbers – say ‘5 times’ – give the first but not the second. High numbers give the second but lose the impact of the first – ‘a few hundred times’ means there just can’t be that much focus on each individual one.

Dozens are the perfect middle ground. Twelve doesn’t seem like such a high number – I can count to twelve in a few seconds – so I can still keep the impact of each instance. But ‘a few dozen’ also makes the final number high enough for the appeal of duration to come in.

Meanwhile, the ‘few’ and the ‘couple’ also bring in understatement, which is yet another thing that appeals to me.

Actionable counterpart:

I haven’t tried anything with it yet. It might be harder to incorporate, because of how it specifically has to do with talking about¬†something in a third person way, but it would be interesting to try.