In which humor is attempted

A conversation between me and Zack:

Me: So I saw this comic, 

Me: “Citizens should not fear their government. This will be enforced.”
Me: Which is like “the beatings will continue until morale improves.”
Me: … except that might actually work for me.
Zack: *facepalm*.
Me: 🙂


As noted in the tagline, I’m a kinky asexual with a fondness for words. To take apart this stated identity a bit, asexual-wise, I don’t feel sexual attraction, I find sexuality one of the most fascinating topics in the world, I’m not at all repulsed and in fact am quite the opposite, but I seem to lack the kind of desire for sex most non-asexuals seem to have.

Kinky-wise, I’m a narrative voyeur (I hope to explain what this means at some point) and somewhat of a masochist. I’ve been making up stories involving torture, power dynamics, etc, since I was four, and enjoying them when I ran into them in sources I consumed since not too long after that. I’ve been examining this part of my life since I was about thirteen. At the moment, I’m still very much a practical newbie, but less of one than I was a month ago, which is nice.

Here, I hope to write thoughts, ideas, and analysis on various aspects of BDSM, and also about myself, whether that be things I’ve been thinking about, responses to prompts I find, or something else.

And there we are.