Specific Narrative Kinks: Kneeling

What do I mean by this:

Another self-explanatory one, I think.

More information:

This is a pretty big one for me. I put it into a very high amount of stories, I’ve had stories focusing on it specifically, etc.

I like it in a lot of different ways. I like it when kneeling is an expected and/or required thing, with the constrict(s) having to do it whenever they come into the presence of the principal. I like it when it’s an expression of devotion and ‘I am yours’ in loyalty power dynamics. I like it when the constrict does it of their own initiative to beg more vehemently or to express gratitude or to surrender in a nonconsensual consent type 1 dynamic. I like it when a lot of people kneel at the same time, when the principal walks into a room or down a street and everyone kneels, either out of respect or out of fear.

I like people getting to their knees, or being manhandled to their knees, or being forced to their knees by agony beam style pain. I like people dragging themselves to their knees from the ground after they’ve been curled up or writhing in agony.

I like commands having to do with kneeling – ‘kneel before me’ or ‘on your knees!’, etc.

Important ingredients:

I basically always have kneeling characters also looking down at the ground.

Important note:

I do not, however like crawling. At all. It’s a pretty strong turnoff for me.

Actionable counterpart:

Yes, please! I very much like this in roleplay scening too – I like kneeling, I like dropping to my knees, I would love to try the ‘you must kneel when you come into my presence until I tell you otherwise’ type thing or the ‘getting up to your knees after being thrown to the ground’ one. I love commands having to do with kneeling.

I’ve also tried kneeling on my own, once for half an hour, and once for 10 minutes (that one was with my hands out in front of me) as experiments. (The first time because a character in the ‘focuses on kneeling’ story I mentioned was going to be kneeling for a while and I was doing practical research like this, the second time because I saw a picture-and-description that appealed to me). Conclusion: I should not kneel for long periods of time, it produces the feeling that I am doing something damaging, and I don’t like that feeling. But, I did enjoy the experience, and shorter time spans pose no problem at all, so.