Platform desires: versions

One of the things I really wish I could do, on both my fiction and my post writing platforms, is have versions.

Which is to say, I want to be able to post a thing, and then if I later on have a form of the thing I like better, or I make some edits, or etc, I want to be able to put up the new one as a new version of the old one.

In fiction writing, this is mostly a helping-me-with-my-perfectionism-thing. One of my major barriers to writing tends to be the feeling that I can’t write the thing I want to write well enough to do it justice, and therefore shouldn’t write it unless and until I can. But of course at the same time I’d *like* to write more, to let me do the ‘develop the thing by working on it’ among other reasons. And I think that this kind of affordance could help me, to know that I could do a thing and put it up, maybe with a note or tag about feeling more rough-draft-etc about it, and then if I ended up with a better version put that up in turn. (Which of course I might not and even very likely might not, but again, I think just the affordance/possibility being there would help me).

And, while of course there are ways that I could go do this without specific features for doing it, they’re not really something I like as well. I definitely wouldn’t want to delete the old version – I have loss issues, and I’ve also been on the other side where authors have made a new version of something and gotten rid of the old one and I’ve been sad {though I absolutely recognize this as their right, to be clear}. Meanwhile, just putting up the things separately clutters things and isn’t very good organization and to me at least carries inhibitions in that ‘that’s not a thing people do’ way. (Which I don’t endorse, but have in my brain and affecting things anyway). And so then I also feel that having this kind of thing available as a specific feature would help me feel that this is an ok etc thing to do.

In [blog] post writing, the perfectionism side of things is also there, but some additional others come up as well. One is usefulness for various ‘edited to add’ type things – elaborations, ‘I thought of more examples or categories’, etc. Another is mistakes and reconsiderations.

And, again, while there are definitely ways to do these-kinds-of-things as is, none of them feel quite adequate. Editing the post can feel like a barrier to action (again, to me at least) and is inconvenient if the edits are smaller and throughout rather than a paragraph that can be tacked on. It’s also not very good on the social aspect – someone could be super interested in a given post and want to know if more things related to it happen, and still the only way they’d see an edit would be if they repeatedly revisit the post. Commenting on the post might at least notify people subscribed to comments, but would get lost if there were a lot of other comments and unnoticed by anyone who doesn’t look at them.

Just making a new post (or reblogging the old post with new added content) again feels cluttersome, isn’t helpful for someone seeing the original (it’s possible to go add a link to the new one from the original, but this comes with all the general disadvantages of things that have to be done on top of the platform manually rather than being provided by the platform), and again carries the inhibition issue. And again, for me at least having the affordance feels like it might help me actually do the thing and feel it is an ok etc thing to do.

And, while this is one of those things where I’m largely first thinking in terms of myself, it also is in fact one of those things where I would totally be interested in the other side too. (Which – of course there are plenty of people who would never want to use anything like this ever and that is in no way something I in any way want it to seem like have any kind of issue with, and no one who wouldn’t want to do something like this should in any way do so). But, if some other people were interested, then getting a chance to see people’s process, changes, etc is definitely something I think would be interesting/positivethings.