TV Tropes Kinks

As I said in my about page, one way to quickly characterize my kink interests is to say that I’m more likely to find my kinks on TV Tropes than anywhere fetishy.

I’ve therefore decided to keep a running list of the things-from-tv-tropes in question. And now to have it here, too.

  • Self Restraint (not breaking out of prison despite absolutely being able to)
  • Play Along Prisoner (remaining a prisoner for some amount of time despite, again, being absolutely able to break free at any time)
  • No Matter How Much I Beg (I’m into the version where a character is about to be Not Themselves in a dangerous way, or is about to try doing something they absolutely must do but might not be able to hold their will against, and needs other people to restrain them during this)
  • Don’t Make Me Take My Belt Off (corporal punishment)
  • A Taste of the Lash (whips)
  • Cold-Blooded Torture (“Subjecting people to severe pain either for information, as punishment, or out of sadistic pleasure.” I think this one’s pretty self-explanatory, I just like that quote)
  • Agony Beam (torture method involving pain without bodily harm)
  • We Have Ways Of Making You Talk (a form of threat)
  • Torture First, Ask Questions Later (I’m into the “This is when the torturer wants information, they think the victim has it, and they want to torture the victim first to soften him up or inflict punishment before getting to the questioning” version)
  • Forced To Watch (a torture method involving being forced to watch someone else being tortured or harmed)
  • I Will Punish Your Friend for Your Failure (threats to others as a coercion tactic)
  • Take Me Instead (offering/asking to be the one something bad happens to so that it doesn’t happen to someone else)
  • Kneel Before Zod (demanding bowing, kneeling, etc while having power over someone)
  • Ain’t Too Proud to Beg (being willing to beg, kneel before them, etc, to the person in power instead of being defiant)
  • Defiant to the End (refusing to stop being defiant toward someone powerful, regardless of what they do or might do)
  • Get It Over With (being defiant when facing death, by demanding it)
  • Too Kinky to Torture (having qualities that are not conducive to successful torture)
  • Fight Off the Kryptonite (“Overcoming Kryptonite Factor with Heroic Willpower.”)
  • Come to Gawk (public humiliation as punishment)
  • Mark of Shame (an easily noticed mark to identify someone as something condemned)
  • Be All My Sins Remembered (“Character believes self to be unworthy of praise because of misdeeds.”)
  • The Atoner (trying to do good in the world, feeling this as a duty after realizing guilt for misdeeds of the past)
  • Go and Sin No More (telling someone to go be The Atoner)
  • Boxed Crook (doing work for the government as an alternative to being punished for crimes)
  • Villain Respect (demonstrating a sincere high opinion of an enemy)
  • Villainous Valour
  • Poisonous Friend (a ruthless and dangerous character who is completely loyal and devoted to a dedicatedly moral and idealistic character)

Myself and Derogatives

(aka, wheeee, more thing I can organize!)

[Beginning note: I’m not sure if this needs saying, but just in case it does: In this post, I will be talking about derogatives and insults as used in fictional stories and consensual scenes. This should in no way be equated to verbally abusing non-consenting real people, which is completely wrong and unacceptable.]

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about various parts of this topic for a while, and was recently reminded of it. So, here are the categories of derogatives I’ve identified (if anyone can think of other ones, I’d love their input), and how I feel about them both actionably and narratively. (Note: ‘Actionably’ here always applies to a roleplay scene in which I play a character who is the one the insults are targeting. I am not interested in derogatives as applied to my real self).

Body/Appearance: (Examples: fat, ugly)

  • Actionably: Hard limit. I spend, and have spent, quite enough time in a world full of these messages. I am grateful as anything that my body is one area where I don’t have intrusive anxiety. Everything related to this can stay the hell out of my bedroom.
  • Narratively: Never done, have no interest. Never even occurred to me, to the point that this is the category of derogatives that I only recently thought of as such. As a general rule, outside of some kind of devotional power dynamics, my power dynamic characters don’t comment on each other’s appearance at all. No draw for me at all.

Sexual: (Examples: slut, whore, fucktoy, cumdolly)

  • Actionably: Not my thing. It’s an interesting one in that my reaction to these isn’t so much positive or negative as it is “…?”. I think this is because of my background – I spent most of my adolescence knowing and seeing my peers’ interest in things sexual, with my lack therof being a major thing contributing to my ‘I am alien and don’t belong’ feelings. Since finding out my orientation exists (this is one of the ‘most important events in my life’ to me, incidentally), I’ve been able to think about this area of things, and my feelings about it, in much greater nuance and detail. But, I continue to experience no feelings I feel are sexual, I never think of my body as sexual, etc. So, to me, these insults basically just have a very serious feeling of not fitting. Possible analogy would be someone telling me they hate me because I’m French (I’m not, at all). The mental reaction isn’t any kind of upsetness (or pride) – it’s basically ‘um, what are you talking about?’
  • Narratively: Also not my thing. Sexualness being uninteresting to me, I don’t really tend to put it in stories much (including the ones where I do put sex). I run across some amount of these in reading – they don’t bother me, but don’t tend to interest me either. I do have a character where I think some other characters might call her a whore, but thinking about it, the way it would be used, this would be a worth insult (see below), not a sexual one.

Intelligence and other capability: (Examples: stupid, fool, can’t get anything right)

  • Narratively: [note: notice that these two are in a different order for this category]. I don’t generally have these used as general insults on their own. However, I do often have them used as specific insults – in other words, not ‘you are stupid’, but ‘doing thing X was really stupid of you!’ – and combined with other (generally worth, (see below)) types of insults – ‘stupid thing!’, ‘you’re worthless and you can’t get anything right!’.
  • Actionably: I need more data and/or thoughts on this one. At the moment, I would say that it’s not really my thing, for somewhat similar emotional reasons as the body/appearance, in that I have negative emotional associations. I also know (this is a fairly recent realization) that I don’t want to repeat these about myself. But I don’t seem to mind them being used here and there. I had a segment of a scene focused around one of these (‘fool’, specifically’) that I enjoyed very much. And, the same distinction as in the narrative section applies – ‘that was/would be really stupid of you’ appeals to me in a way that ‘you’re stupid’ does not, as do these insults when combined with worth (see below) insults.

Worth: (useless, worthless, waste of space, trash, filth, scum)

  • Actionably: Yes, please! (In case anyone was reading this post going ‘well, is there anything you do like?’, well, yes, this!). These, I like. I like them being used at me, I get kink-satisfaction out of having to repeat them, etc. As noted above, they also allow for the use of ‘stupid’ type insults, when mixed in with them.
  • Narratively: Likewise. These are the insults that tend to show up in my stories. I also have a habit of making made-up-language insults of this type, and putting those in my stories too. Again, they also allow for mixing in ‘stupid’ type insults.