and/well given that a thing showed up

So as is pretty obvious again, I haven’t been on here in a while, again.

I had the intention of doing more crossposting of backlog from my tumblr, but as is also pretty obvious I in fact did not, and I’d like to be able to write etc on here if I want to without feeling like I can’t until I do that.

So, noting as such. I still have a bunch of backlog on my tumblr that is not here, most of the writing is probably at this tag, I’m not sure what I’m going to end up doing about this given that I’d continue to prefer to have things on here for organizational purposes but having things out of order would bother me too much to go for that, I’ll see if I can think of something, and meanwhile if I want to write something on here I can (which as always may or may not happen as that decision is largely made by parts of my brain I do not control).

(…my brain is really bad at ending posts…)

To be Crossposting

So as is pretty obvious, I haven’t written much on here in a while.

I have, however, been writing – it’s just that most of it has been on my tumblr instead. I’ve been meaning for a while to start crossposting things over (I like wordpress for having comments and more indexing so to speak methods), but not actually getting to it. Well, right now I have spark, so I’m going to actually start.

I will try my best to continue and minimize delays, though that will depend on how the getting-to-it holds out.

Also, I will try to put things in the order I wrote them, but I might accidentally skip some, in which case if I find them later I will add them in and note this.

In which a series is announced

So as I said in the previous post, I generally have a lot trouble figuring out my kinks in a comprehensively organized fashion. But there are also things that I do figure out, things where I can say with certainty ‘I like this, and I know what it is’. They come in all various ways of me liking them, and cover categories of all various scopes, from ‘I like fruit pies’ to ‘I like dishes with rice’ to ‘I like those cookies that are chocolate and have white chocolate chips and nuts and marshmallows’.

And I’m starting a series where I’m going to post about them. Stay tuned!