Specific Narrative Kinks: Waking up the constrict

What do I mean by this:

This is a situation where the constrict is woken up abruptly because the principal wants something with them. Dragged out of bed, guards banging on the cell door, sudden bright lights and a demand over a loudspeaker, etc. Even as mundane a situation as being in a labor camp and being woken up for work in the morning.

Important distinction:

I know some people who have a kink for things beginning to be done to the constrict while they are still asleep. I don’t have that kink. For me, this is specifically about the moment of being woken up and waking up – nothing else is happening yet, but it will, whether something the constrict expects or something they don’t know about yet.

Actionable counterpart:

I have no desire at all to actually be woken up from sleep in a scene context. However, roleplaying this kind of situation is definitely something I’d love to try.